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In June, PMI® announced significant changes to the PMP® Exam Content Outline (ECO) to take effect after 15 December. The following resources provide an overview of these exam changes and how they will impact your PMP course offerings, the CertWise Learning System for PMP Exam Preparation materials, and your students.

How is the PMP® Exam Changing? Explore these PMI Resources.

How and When Will the CertWise Course Materials Be Updated?

CertWise will be providing information and support to our Global Education Partners throughout this transition process. Download this flyer for an overview of changes and our advice for working through this transition.

The following are important points to remember:

  • The PMP exam will change after 15 December 2019. The current exam will not be available after this date. It is important that you encourage your current and fall semester students to sit for the PMP exam by this date.
  • All PMP exam preparation classes should end by 15 November to give students enough time to sit for the exam by the transition date. We have provided suggested course agendas below for an 8-unit class and 5-unit class.
  • The updated version of the CertWise Learning System for PMP Exam Preparation, student and instructor materials, will be available for your January / spring course sessions.
  • All PMP candidates with an active license for the CertWise Learning System for PMP Exam Preparation will be eligible for an extended license and free upgrade to the updated program V6.19 (online version), upon request. This means they are covered if they are unable to sit for the exam before it changes. Printed books will be available for an extra fee of $100 plus applicable shipping and taxes.

Suggested Course Agendas for Fall 2019

We strongly encourage all education partners to complete their fall 2019 PMP exam preparation classes by 15 November to give students enough time to sit for the exam by 15 December. The following 8-Unit and 5-Unit syllabi can be used to condense the time frame of your courses.

8-Unit Course Agenda

  • Unit 1: Chapters 1-2
  • Unit 2: Chapters 3-4
  • Unit 3: Chapters 5-6
  • Unit 4: Chapters 7-8
  • Unit 5: Chapters 9-10
  • Unit 6: Chapters 11-12
  • Unit 7: Chapters 13-14
  • Unit 8: Final Exam & Review

5-Unit Course Agenda

  • Unit 1: Chapters 1-3
  • Unit 2: Chapters 4-6
  • Unit 3: Chapters 7-9
  • Unit 4: Chapters 10-12
  • Unit 5: Chapters 13-14 & Final Review

Resources to Share With Your Students

The following resources were created to help your students understand the exam changes and their study options. We encourage you to share these resources.

Slide Presentation


These slides provide an overview of PMP exam changes and  options students have to take the exam before or after Dec. 15.

Download the PDF Now >

Download a Editable PowerPoint Presentation from PRC >

Student Flyer

This one-page flyer can be distributed to your students to help them understand the PMP exam changes and their options for taking the exam before or after Dec. 15.

Download the PDF Now >

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